Death of a church

I was jogging one of my regular courses, passing the familiar church on the corner I know since childhood to see… WHAT?! To see it’s being demolished!

Okay, I knew it would come to that: it has been closed for a few years already since 2 churches for a small village is a little bit too optimistic. In these modern times of smartphones and Facebook, who needs Jezus right?

It was only a matter of time before they would tear it down. And now it’s happening. I’m not very catholic so I won’t miss any services, but that building is an icon of my childhood and it hurts to see it go away. I remember my grandfather getting up early every (!) Sunday to open the doors, switch on the heating and making sure enough blood of Christ was in the bottle 😉

But things change, I’m ok with that. It made for the perfect opportunity to make the last few pictures of the tower left standing (for a few days).

Camera settings:

Nikon D750 with 24-70mm f/2.8 VR. I used manual mode for this occasion: set ISO to 100 for optimum image quality, f/8 (or smaller) for optimum sharpness and then adapt shutter speed to get a correct exposure.

With VR enabled this went very smoothly since at 24mm a shutter speed of 1/6s is still viable. Great!


My custom black&white conversion, increased contrast, some vignetting. Nothing earth shattering.