Into The Woods

I went for a walk through the local woods (local mostly does it for me). I took quite a few pictures, but this view strook me the most: in the midst of winter a lonely twig with a bunch of stubborn leaves, saying: ‘We’ll be back’ 🙂 At least that was my interpretation.

I’m happy to say that over the years my photographic view has gradually improved. I noticed so many potentially interesting things that I spent 30 minutes for a few hundred meters of walking. I used to try and look for things to photograph and not really finding anything. I just stopped forcing it and let it come to me, and now it does (most of the time).

I was strolling around with my lovely Fujifilm x100s, which I still very much adore. Small, light, inconspicuous, but a seriously powerful camera! Happily leaving my bulky full frame Nikon D750 at home.

Camera settings: rotated the aperture ring to f/5.6 for short range sharpness, the camera chose iso 800 and 1/90s shutter. JPEG, no silly RAW.

Post-processing: increased contrast, decreased brightness, added some blue-ish color to the shadows (to seperate the background more from the foreground), increased saturation on the leaves. Done.

Click for a bigger image (2500px width):