Spider web carpet

(Nikon D750 @ 70mm – Auto ISO 100 – f/16 – 1/320s)

I’m back at where I grew up: a small village, fields, cows, fences and people all knowing eachother. It’s strange to be back from the city.

It was great weather today so I went for a walk in what looks so familiar to me, even though it was such a long time ago it could have been a dream.

I noticed something really extraordinary, something I never saw before: a incredibly large carpet of spider webs covering the field, reflecting in the sun. This must have been the work of thousands if not ten thousands of spiders. Really amazing.

It was very hard to photograph towards the sun, especially since I coulnd’t get any closer due to a river standing in between. I considered jumping over but it was wise I didn’t 🙂

Some people stopped by asking what I was photographing (since I stood there for a while). I just pointed my finger and they immediately saw. An older couple, I estimate by their 70’s, told me they never saw something like that before. Or they never really looked in their lives, or this must have been something really special after all 🙂

I wish I could have photographed it better. Nothing beats the real view I’m afraid.