This is not a bridge

Fuji x100s @ 23mm, ISO 200, f/11, 1/220s

This is not a bridge. This is not a rock mountain in the background. This is not the sky above. This is a pixelized representation of what we know to be a bridge, rock mountain and sky. This may sound obvious – ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’ – but in it lies a less obvious way of looking at the world.

At first I saw a bridge and I wanted to photograph it. And I did. So I came up with this:


It’s a nice picture of a bridge. One of many out there I guess. But all it does is showing a bridge in a certain way. There’s nothing really special about it. The composition is fine, but it’s still just a bridge!

So I was standing there, looking at the LCD of my camera realizing this. And suddenly I remember a line in a photography book I read explaining that as a photographer you shouldn’t always look at things as ‘things’ but as forms with lines and colors, unbound from their worldly meaning. This allows for a more abstract way of seeing things which opens up many more possibilities as a photographer.

It made me look at this ‘bridge’ in a whole new way and resulted in the image on top of this blog post. Large white metal pylons contrasting with nature. It’s much more minimalist thus easier to look at and more powerful than my first attempt to just merely capture a bridge.

Technical details

In-camera I set aperture to f/11 to make it sharp overall. In post-editing I cropped some of the bottom away, converted to black&white, set a brownish duo-tone color and increased contrast to make the pylons stand out.