A few months ago a thunderstorm struck. They’re not very common in the country I live in so I need to get lucky to get a nice shot when one appears (without making it a full time hobby to chase ’em that is). And I got lucky since I was able to just shoot this picture from the comfort of my office.

The clouds looked very promising and were forming at a very fast pace. I ran upstairs, took my camera, set aperture wide open (35 mm prime at f/1.8) to get ISO/noise as low as possible.

Over the course of 10 minutes I took 13 exposures, but only 1 got what I wanted (the left one). Not because of bad camera settings but because of nature going its course and leaving only 30 seconds where the clouds actually looked as dramatic as they were.

The right picture was shot just a bit later (same effects applied), and is dull compared. Which reminded me: timing and some patience are of the essence.

(Both exposures shot with Nikon D750 @ 35mm, auto iso 125, 1/40s, f/1.8)


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