Clouds in the morning

(Fuji x100s auto mode, exposure compensation -2EV)

The scene

This was shot on a morning on the parking lot of the company I work for. I took this image because I really liked the clouds looking weirdly fragmented, letting the sun through in various places, while still being close to overcast, threatening with storm.

In reality the scene was much brighter and did not have this red/purple color in it. That’s the potential I saw in it when standing there looking. Again, it’s not about reality but how one conveys reality.


Parking lots have cars, and I did not want too many cars visible so I excluded most of the lot itself while still showing a small part of the lot. I included the tree to the left to introduce some instability to the image, supporting the storm threat.

Depth is created by the patch of light coming through at the top of the image together with the patches of light near the bottom.

Light and color

The original image was a lot brighter so I reduced the overall exposure and brightness, increased contrast to emphasize the clouds’ structure and made the shadows even darker to prevent too many cars showing.

Finally I experimented with the sky color. I had no real idea of where I would be going. I just wanted a color that would show a threat. This purple-redish just did that.