Memory lane

A trip down to memory lane last weekend as I visited my former high school. They opened doors to the oldest buildings that will soon be broken down and replaced with new ones. They guessed – and guessed right – that many ex students and teachers might be excited to revisit some of the places they spent a great deal of time as a teenager.

This is the room I mostly spent taking exams, study and even one time had to stay over on Friday after school for breaking the rules. I remember being called to the principal’s office that day. He asked:
– ‘Why did you leave school without permission during lunch break?‘.
And I replied:
– ‘Because if I do nothing wrong during my time here I will have nothing exciting to tell when this all has long passed.’

And so I ended up there copying the school code as punishment on a Friday evening when all my friends were having fun.

About 20 years have passed. I almost forgot about that room, until I walked by and the memory immediately came back to me. What a feeling!

The picture

The room looks like a set for a horror movie after all these years, and I wanted to convey that view and feeling by tuning down the exposure and saturation. In reality it wasn’t  much different from what you see, it’s just that most camera’s – by default – make scenes much more vibrant than they actually look. Which is great for your regular family garden picture, but not for anything more artsy.

Composition wise there wasn’t much I could do as you couldn’t enter the classroom and I was stuck to my fixed 24mm lens on the Fuji x100s. I just took care to include the row of desks to the left and the row of central heating to the right. Default camera settings, no flash, *snap*. Done.