Cadzand beach

A day out to the beach at Cadzand, some small place in the Netherlands. A day of mostly useless snapshots I’m actually ashamed of (from an artistic perspective). In my defense I could argue that sometimes that’s what people expect from you when you’re around: take their picture drinking beers and enjoying the day at the beach. I guess nothing is wrong with that, but it’s also pretty boring photographically (you know, just Facebook material).

Anyway, there’s one exposure worth posting here.

DSCF1066-bewerkt(Fuji x100s, A-mode,  f/11, 1/75s, auto iso 6400)

Upon seeing the scene I immediately felt enthusiastic about it. Especially since the purple sky just before sunset gave it this great atmosphere. So no, the colors in this shot were not Photoshopped; it already looked that way when I saw it through my own eyes thanks to the setting sun to the right (not in the image).
I ran closer to get the composition right, set aperture to f/11 to get everything crisp’nsharp and my camera chose shutter speed and iso automatically.

In Lightroom I cropped a bit to get the composition that little better, then slightly added some exposure and that’s it!

I’m pretty satisfied with the result. But it could have been better. How? By setting a slower shutter speed and a lower ISO. So why didn’t I? Well, the auto iso setting respects a minimum shutter speed I set. For photographing people I generally use 1/80s so they’re not blurry when moving their heads or so. For photographing things that don’t move 1/30s would have been okay, but I forgot about that.

It’s still a good quality picture with not that much visible noise, so I’m ok with it.